Q:   What is your turnaround time for flags?

A:   Nearly every flag is made to order. I run a one-man shop and work very hard to create your flag as fast as possible. Generally, from the time you purchase an item, to the time I take it to my friendly neighborhood FedEx store is 3-4 weeks. As we get closer to the holidays, my preparation time will increase to up to 6 weeks, or more depending on order totals. 

Q:   What is your turnaround time for logos and signs?

A:    Every logo or sign is made to order. I carve out each one using several tools, from routers to hand sanders and the process takes time. Generally, production time is 4-5 weeks and up to 6 weeks during the holidays.   

Q:   How long does it take for my item to be shipped?

A:    Once dropped off at FedEx, you should receive it within 4-7 business days. 

Q:   How will I know my items have been shipped?

A:    Tracking confirmation will be sent by email upon shipment.

Q:  What if I need my order faster?

A:   If you need your order quicker, just purchase the "Front-of-the-Line Please" option and put your order ahead of the rest. Note: this does not mean that I will complete your order immediately. I will, however, create your item(s) first and ship them first.

Q:   I live in another country. Do you ship internationally?

A:   Currently, I do not ship internationally. If you live internationally, or want me to ship to an APO/FPO, please contact me and I will do my best to find a way to get you a custom flag or logo.  

Q:   What is your return policy?

A:    Nearly every flag is made to order. For that reason, all sales are final. I stand behind my work, so if you are unhappy with your custom flag or logo, please contact me and I will do my best to resolve the issue. 

Q:   Why does my flag or logo smell funny?

A:    I love the smell of Freedom Fumes in the morning! Do you smell it? All flags and signs are made with non-toxic materials; however, because each item is handmade to order, when your item arrives you will notice the scent from the finish. I call that Freedom Fumes! Over time, the scent will diminish--the Freedom never will!

Q:   Why does my flag or logo look a little different from the photos on your site?

A:    Each flag is custom made and distressed using the same processes and techniques; however, each flag will look unique as each piece of wood used is also unique and reacts to distressing differently. Rest assured, knowing your piece of art is absolutely a one-of-a-kind!

Q:   Why does my flag have some splinters?

A:    My flags and logos are made to appear as though they were salvaged from a burned-out building. The wood I use is distressed and processed in a way that makes it appear battered and worn. This process sometimes results in cracks and splintered edges. 

Q:  What if I want to order a size larger than what is shown on your site?

A:   If you would like me to create a custom order that is larger than the sizes shown on the website, I can almost certainly do that; however, freight charges may apply. Rest assured, I will be sure to keep the cost as low as possible for those over-sized custom orders!

Q:   What if I want to order a flag or logo that you do not currently sell?

A:   No worries! I love making new flags and logos. For Custom Orders and/or Questions about my products, please Contact Me or send a direct email to: josh@umatb.comWe can discuss what you want, and I can get you a quote!

Q:   How will my flag or logo hang on the wall?

A:    Each flag or logo comes installed with a nylon wrapped 60 lb - 100 lb test hanging wire. I also provide one or two 100 lb test wall anchors. Where possible, please hammer the anchors into two evenly spaced studs to provide maximum stability. 



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